Ankle injury & Pilates

'I call Natasha my miracle worker. Not only has she released the muscles in my neck and shoulders so I no longer ache constantly, but she has also given me regained movement in my foot following a severely ruptured tendon. I now attend Natasha's beginners pilates classes and after only a short time can already feel a real difference in my body.'
Penny, Marketing Manager


' Since meeting and attending the sessions with Natasha I have found her to be  dedicated, professional, understanding and attentive. Her small group classes have help me to gain an understanding of my medical condition and how best to manage this. All within a brand new studio, new equipment and a peaceful village location.
Rosa, Teaching Assistant, age 50

Sports Therapy & Pilates

'l started pilates with Natasha initially because I had a problem with my hip. After almost 3 months of weekly classes and 3 sports therapy sessions I am amazed at the range of pain free movement I now have. I have also been much more aware of my posture since Natasha has identified and corrected this and feel generally much more balanced. My core strength and general mobility is improving with every session. I can thoroughly recommend Natasha's classes and feel so much better since I have been going.'
Sarah, Manager, age 30


' Having never done Pilates before, I was a little nervous of what it might entail.  However, the small group size and Natasha's clear instructions very much helped, and I would now find it very difficult to miss my weekly class!  My general fitness level has really improved.  Natasha is an excellent teacher and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. '
Nicola, age 40


‘Natasha is the best Pilates teacher I have had over many years - very professional and all exercises are personalised to suit .
The facilities are excellent and the classes are very enjoyable . ‘
Jill  - ‘ageing golfer '


Back & Shoulders & Pilates

“I have been seeing Natasha for three years now and she has been amazing. Her sports therapy sessions have been a life-saver when my back and shoulders were particularly bad and she is one of the most knowledgeable and professional therapists I have ever visited. More recently I have been lucky enough to be trained by Natasha in pilates (both on a 1-1 basis and in her small group classes) and she is again outstanding. Her attention to detail is second to none and she always manages to suit each exercise to everyone’s individual needs, while ensuring proper discipline in the pilates groundwork. Her classes are challenging but also relaxing in her beautiful new studio. She is remarkably flexible in accommodating makeup classes whenever she can, although we always appreciate that this is her doing  us a favour rather than a right! All in all, Natasha is fabulous – my life would be a lot more stressful and painful without the hard work that Natasha has put in to helping me and I can’t thank her enough for her efforts”

Kristina, 35, Investment banker


Sports Therapy & Pilates
'Natasha was recommended to me by a work colleague because I was suffering from lower back pain that began as occasional episodes but had progressed to more chronic in nature.  The problem was preventing me from participating in exercise classes, cycling and making a day at my work desk very uncomfortable.  A Sports Therapy appointment for Soft Tissue Release provided some initial relief and my postural analysis highlighted how I could improve my posture. Following this I then embarked on a course of pilates with Natasha.  Having been someone who always preferred tough circuit classes, I was amazed at the improvement in my lower back following my first 6 or so classes.  My lower back problems have more or less vanished and I am now comfortable at work and able to undertake other forms of exercise.  Needless to say, I am now a pilates convert and continue to attend classes with Natasha as well as to practice at home some of the exercises she has recommended to me.'
Kim, Managing Director age 40



'I attend Natasha’s Pilates group. Natasha is a very thoughtful practitioner. She understands her clients’ needs and tailors their Pilates exercises to meet those needs. The classes are small in order that clients can have individual attention. I come away feeling taller, stronger and straighter, sometimes I even have to adjust my rear-view mirror before driving off after a session to accommodate my new found height!  

I would recommend Natasha to anyone.'

Tessa, 52, teacher


Rotator cuff injury and ankle surgery.

​"I came to Natasha with sports injuries both having had operations. Her treatment hugely helped my long standing shoulder injury, increasing my range and ease of movement.

I am now able to work better in the gym and play tennis without pain. The myofascia work greatly improved my upper body rotation and released the scar tissue on my ankle. Natasha tailored her treatment very specifically to my injuries with good sound anatomical knowledge." 

Laura, age 30, Physiotherapist

Calf and flat arches 

​“I originally contacted Natasha due to on going problems with my calves and hamstrings which was affecting may ability to train for and play recreational sport as the muscles were constantly tight.

Natasha quickly diagnosed the problems with my legs and through a variety of massage, fascia, and other innovative sports therapy techniques rectified the injury and reversed the long term underlying problems. This combined with a series of dedicated strengthening, stretching and flexibility exercises has allowed me to train harder than I have been able to for years.

Natasha also takes the time to ensure you understand the treatment being performed and its intended outcome.

I am pleased to say I am now pain free and I would recommend Natasha to anyone.”

Danny, age 36 Chartered surveyor


Asthma Sufferer

​"I suffer from asthma and my breathing is much improved from Natasha's myofascia treatment inparticular."

Anne, age 61 Retired


Ankle ligament sprain from Netball Training

​"I could barely put any weight on my foot until Natasha worked on it. The following morning, there was lots more mobility and the swelling was reduced. Circulation had begun to be restored. I followed the rehabilitation exercises Natasha suggested which helped further improve the movement and circulation."

Chevonne, age 30, Computer technician and mother of 3

Lower back pain

​"BIG thank you to Natasha. Being a basketball player there is a lot of wear and tear on the body apart from picking up some knocks and bruises. I had tightness in my lower back and explained the discomfort to Natasha. Over the weeks we went through a series of massages and stretches. In addition she also showed me stretches that could improve my posture in the long term. I very much appreciate her expertise, it has really help me and my team."

Bode, age 26, Competitive Basket ball player

Pre-Event 'London to Brighton Cycle Ride' Treatment

​"Thanks to Natasha, the tension from training in my quads and calf muscles was greatly relieved in the sessions we had before I did the major event ride."

Millie, age 34, Reflexologist

Lower Back Pain

​"Following a muscle strain across my lower back after a particularly strenuous rowing session, Natasha quickly and expertly assessed my symptoms, looking at how my body functioned as a whole to treat the source of pain. Natasha also gave me some great follow up exercises to strengthen my core and improve my range of movement."

Tom, age 41, Competitive rower